How old do you have to be to come into Forbidden Cove?

Forbidden Cove is age 21 and over and we require valid ID for everyone, however we are located inside Kilowatt Brewing which is all ages and family friendly.

Can I bring my pet to Forbidden Cove?

Unfortunately no pets are allowed, unless it’s a bona fide service dog.  Well groomed and behaved dogs are allowed inside the tasting at Kilowatt just outside Forbidden Cove.

I heard you only serve beer and don’t offer traditional rum and spirit based cocktails…

Forbidden Cove is a hidden tiki bar within Kilowatt Brewing and as such can only serve alcohol …As a part of Kilowatt Brewing we’re a licensed beer manufacturer. As a beer manufacturer we can brew malt based alcoholic beverages and sugar based alcoholic beverages. We brew beer, hard seltzers, hard sodas, hard kombuchas, and 20%+ ABV undistilled vodka & rum bases.that can offer a carefully chosen selection of other spirits for drinking neat or in a cocktail, as well as a small selection of wine and draft beer. Our bartenders can also make a tasty cocktail without any alcohol at all. We think we have something for just about everyone, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to ask your bartender! We also offer many delicious lower alcohol content choices including all natural hand crafted small batch hard seltzers, exotic fruit sours, and other concoctions we brew ourselves onsite.

Does Forbidden Cove serve food?

Forbidden Cove does not serve food, and we don’t allow outside food to be brought in. We do however allow food to be brought in to the tasting room right outside Forbidden Cove at Kilowatt Brewing. There are several fantastic places in Kearny Mesa neighborhood and Convoy St. to grab a bite before or after your trip to Forbidden Cove—if you want some ideas, ask your bartender or a manager and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I reserve a table at Forbidden Cove?

Yes! We encourage you to reserve a spot by making reservations.  If you are a large group and want to consider booking a private event at Forbidden Cove, more information is available here.

The reservation system only allows groups of 6 or smaller, however we have a larger group- what are our options?

We are a small space with a capacity of 35 people. Depending on the night and time, it is very likely that everyone in your party will not be able to get in right away. On busy nights, we often have to run a line outside. If some of your group shows up an hour after others do, we can’t let them in before the other people in line who have been waiting. We do head counts and let as many people in as we can, but once we are at capacity, someone must leave for someone else to go in. If you want to bring a group to Forbidden Cove, we suggest you keep your group fairly small, get to the bar early, and that you try to show up at roughly the same time. Explain to folks joining you that if they come late, they might have to wait in line. Another great option for your group might be to book out a private event – more information is available here.

Can I book out Forbidden Cove for a private party?

Yes!  More information is available here.

I think I left a credit card at Forbidden Cove the other night…what should I do?

Please call (415) 869-1900 and leave a message for the manager.  Please provide the first and last name as it appears on the card, and your phone number.  He or she will get back to you and let you know if we were able to locate the card and how you can retrieve it.  We will require you to provide ID when retrieving your card.

Where can I buy Forbidden Cove merchandise?

Forbidden Cove gift cards, t-shirts, mugs, and books are currently available for sale in person at Forbidden Cove during our regular business hours.  Swing on by and do some shopping!  We do not currently offer an online store and do not ship any of our merchandise.